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Don’t get lost in the complicated task of HIPAA compliance. 

Let neoRhino be your trusted partners in staying apprised of the constantly-evolving requirements of HIPAA, HITECH, and TX HB 300, regardless of the size of your practice or specialization.

We can help you and your business maintain compliance and avoid costly violation fees. The first step to HIPAA Compliance is awareness. The next step is to give us a call.

What is HIPAA?

Breakdown of HIPAA Compliance, HITECH, TX HB 300, and more.

HIPAA Glossary

An A-to-Z guide on various HIPAA Compliance terms that you may need to know.

HIPAA Resources

More HIPAA news, helpful facts, and downloadable tips you can use.

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Our daily blog of technology news and HIPAA updates.

HIPAA Assessment Overview

If you are unsure and need assistance, neoRhino's Houston HIPAA team can help your organization or business maintain compliance and avoid violation fees today!

Click on each step to learn more about our process.

  • On-Site Risk Analysis

    Our on-site risk analysis allows our HIPAA risk assessors to analyze your physical, technical, and network security, in addition to staff behaviors of all your locations.

  • Policy Review and Compliance Interview

    After the initial evaluation, our assessors will address the requirements of HIPAA to your Security Compliance Officer and your Privacy Compliance Officer that may or may not apply to your organization, providing you a customized assessment and overall score.

  • Risk Management Plan

    Using knowledge of best practices in the IT industry and healthcare information management, our HIPAA assessment team will create a risk management plan tailored to your organization and prioritize the next necessary actions.

  • HIPAA Compliance Executive Report

    Provide peace of mind to yourself with our HIPAA Compliance Executive Report, which documents your organization’s efforts to maintain the privacy and security of your patient’s sensitive data.

Trusted IT that Works with Yours.

For two decades, neoRhino has focused on the overall improvement and awareness of Houston businesses' network security and disaster preparedness. Our HIPAA team's focus is on increasing attention to HIPAA and especially the more rigid standards required by TX HB 300. Every covered entity is responsible for the privacy and confidentiality of their patient's records. We will work with your existing IT team to perform the HIPAA-required assessments to maintain your organization's compliance.

Don't have In-House IT?

Compliance and the protection of private patient information is required by all practices, clinics, and medical organizations that handle PHI. No matter your size or specialty, if you handle patient information, the law requires your compliance. Even if your organization does not have a dedicated IT team, we can provide the guidance necessary for you to have confidence in the proposed solutions to maintain HIPAA compliance.

neoRhino's Trusted IT Professionals can help keep you HIPAA Compliant.