What is included in our HIPAA Assessment?

neoRhino's HIPAA Compliance Assesment team utilizes 4 steps that we execute through our HIPAA Security Risk Assessment.

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  • On-Site Risk Analysis

    The HIPAA Security Rule’s first administrative safeguard requires covered entities (which include most business associates under TX HB 300) to perform a risk analysis. Our on-site risk analysis will allow our HIPAA risk assessors to analyze the physical security, the technical and network security, and staff behaviors of all your locations.

  • Policy Review and Compliance Interview

    Our policy assessors will check your policies and required forms against the standards and regulations listed in the HIPAA Privacy Rule. After an initial evaluation, our assessors will have an interview with your Security Compliance Officer and your Privacy Compliance officer to address the requirements of HIPAA that may not apply to your organization. This allows us to provide a customized assessment and overall score.

  • Risk Management Plan

    Using knowledge on best practices in both the IT industry and healthcare information management, our HIPAA assessment team will create a risk management plan tailored to your organization. This plan will prioritize the next necessary actions for your organization to work toward HIPAA compliance based on risk and costs to implement expert solutions.

  • HIPAA Compliance Executive Report

    Provide peace of mind to yourself, executive management, a board of directors, or organizational partners with our HIPAA Compliance Executive Report. This report will detail and document your organization’s efforts to maintain the Privacy and Security of your patient’s sensitive data and PHI.

HIPAA Compliance can be quite the daunting task. If you need assistance, neoRhino's Houston HIPAA team can help your organization or business achieve compliance!

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